4 Things Guys Notice About Your Body & 4 Things They Don’t

What does a guy notice when he checks out a woman?

The division between “hot or not” is subtler than many women realize. 

Here’s what a guy really cares about when he looks at your body, and what he doesn’t pay much attention to. 

It’s not what you think! Here are 4 things guys notice about your body.

#1. He Notices Your Face, Smile And Eyes

The first of the 4 things guys notice about your body is your face, smile and eyes. 

I’m a guy, but I swear I’m not trying to make the case for men not being shallow. 

In fact, in the next point I’ll get to the next thing guys notice. 

But I will say that noticing the face, smile and eyes is what hits a guy first. This is especially true in say a dark nightclub, bar or workplace. 

He may not get a good look at your figure or shape right away. 

But he will see the intensity of your gaze, your lips and smile and the shape and structure of your face. 

And to be brutally honest, he’s going to have an immediate, instinctive reaction:

  1. I like!
  1. I don’t like!
  1. Meh. 

But why does a man notice your face, eyes and smile first? 

Because your face is where he gauges how happy you are as well as your responses and reactions to him as a man.

Men care about how happy and open you are as a woman. 

A cold, closed off or judgemental woman is not going to get the romantic interest of high value men, unless they like punishing themselves.

Or unless they see her as purely sexual opportunity. Which is where you most likely don’t want to be as a woman.

Also, a smiling woman tends to increase the woman’s value in a man’s mind, because it means: 

  • She is healthy
  • She approves of him
  • She will be easier to please; and 
  • She’ll likely cost him less pain, time and energy if he were to invest in her 

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#2. He Notices Your Breasts and Butt

Yes, us men do notice breasts and butts inasmuch as they may be visible or partly visible. 

Men are primed by many millennia of biology to eye a woman’s “assets” so to speak, and there’s no doubt they do. 

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When it comes to checking out your breasts and butt, some men have more self-control than others, but sooner or later a heterosexual guy is going to have at least some mild curiosity about what’s under your bra and panties. 

If you wear revealing clothing you may notice a visible reaction as he catches his breath or his eyes widen. 

Even if you dress very modestly, you may notice a guy subtly checking out what’s going on with your boobs and butt. 

He will also be noticing the smoothness of your skin, your smell and your overall energy.

Do you have a lovely feminine and soft energy? Or are you hardened, fearful or perhaps resentful? 

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#3. He Notices Your Fitness Level And Body Weight

Another of the top 4 things guys notice about your body is your overall fitness level and general weight. 

The catch here is that no man is looking whether you’re 60 kilograms or 63 kilograms. 

He’s not wondering how many calories you’re eating per day or eyeing whether you have subtle weight lines around your waist. 

He’s simply checking you out in a very general sense and sussing out how healthy you look, because your overall health matters. 

An extremely unhealthy woman is not only sexually unappealing, but more difficult for a man to invest in (unless he has a deep emotional connection with her). 

And this is true whether she’s overweight or underweight. 

To some extent this is culturally defined, for sure, and not every man has the same taste. 

But the idea that men do care about weight or notice it is certainly true. It’s just not true that they’re closely analyzing it in most cases. 

They’re simply giving you a quick once over to discern how healthy you are.

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#4. He Notices Your Height, Frame and How You Carry Yourself

Next up is that a guy does notice if you’re tall, how big your frame is and your gait and how you carry yourself. 

Do you have good posture or are you stooped up like an ancient librarian?

Do you meet the gaze of others with pride and directness or do you shirk back? 

Do you walk confidently or do you shuffle and hesitate?

He’s noticing all this when he sees you. 

What about short or tall? Well…It actually depends on how tall the guy is!

As Robert Henderson writes in Psychology Today

“Men are most satisfied when they are 3 inches (8cm) taller than their partner. 

Another study found that among men, 13.5 percent prefer to date only women shorter than them.” 

4 Things Guys Don’t Notice About Your Body

#1. He Doesn’t Notice A Bit Of Extra Fat

When it comes to the top 4 things guys notice about your body, a bit of extra fat is not one of them. 

Sure, men tend to notice if you’re quite obese. 

But if you have just a bit of extra fat they aren’t going to register that or care very much. 

One exception is a disproportionate amount of fat in the facial area. 

If you have a lot of fat around the neck including triple chins whilst the rest of your body seems normal, he’s likely to register that quite quickly and feel a bit less attraction. 

If you have a little extra fat on your waist, thighs or arms, however, he’s not going to notice and if he does he won’t care much. 

#2. He Doesn’t Notice A Couple Of Pimples 

Skincare can be difficult to keep at an optimal level, and even the most careful woman has a few zits now and then. 

Men don’t notice this. 

If your face is in a rash of intense acne, of course he’ll notice. But one or two bumps is not something he’s going to notice. 

This is not among the things guys notice about your body: a few pimples or skin irritations. 

When I say they don’t notice, I mean it really doesn’t make a difference to his overall impression of you.

Zits are mostly temporary.

If you have amazingly soft and clear skin, then he will likely notice that and be attracted to you.

But if your skin has a few bumps it won’t detract from his attraction for you. 

He doesn’t care about a few pimples. 

#3. He Doesn’t Notice Stretch Marks

…Unless he’s actively looking for them. And let’s face, what guy is looking for stretch marks on a woman?

It’s not relevant in a man’s mind!

What matters more is your overall shape and your health.

Unless a guy is toxic and abusive, he won’t care to notice stretch marks, and if he is the abusive and controlling type, he’d only bother bringing up your stretch marks or noticing them in the first place just to bring down your self esteem.

Guys just don’t care about stretch marks. And when you think about it, even guys and girls in their 20s can have stretch marks, so why would you bother worrying about them?

Embrace them! 

If you have stretch marks from bearing children, consider this:

In some ancient tribes, women who didn’t have stretch marks as they aged (say 30 or 40 plus), were pitied as it was a sign that they hadn’t carried a child. 

You can say this is sexist or whatever, but don’t shoot the messenger, I’m just reminding you that your stretch marks have a place, and they are very normal!

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#4. He Doesn’t Notice A Lack Of Makeup

If you wear too much makeup or have strong blush all over your cheeks, a guy is going to notice that. 

This is because men see makeup, especially lots of makeup, as a cover-up. 

And indeed that’s what makeup is actually used for by many women, even though some women just see it as a way to “enhance” their appearance.

In fact, I’m sure you’ve heard before that most decent guys prefer to see you without makeup. They actually appreciate seeing your face without it. 

There are some things guys notice about your body and how you present yourself, but not enough makeup isn’t one of them. 

If your appearance is unkempt and your clothes and body are dirty they are going to notice. 

But if you’re well-groomed, smell nice and carry yourself well, he’s not going to notice that you don’t have on much eyeliner or any at all. 

And one bonus thing guys DON’T notice about your appearance in general: 

#5. He Doesn’t Notice Details Of Your Lipstick And Makeup

When it comes to makeup he’s also not going to care about the details. 

You may have found the ideal blue shade of eyeliner or a blush that really brings out your cheekbones, but he’s barely going to register this. 

If your lipstick shade changes slightly, he’ll notice it subconsciously at most, but he will not care much. 

Makeup is just not something most men are very familiar with or care a lot about. 

He may notice in general that you’re wearing a lot of makeup, because that’s relevant to him.

In other words, he cares about how much you try to hide your facial features with makeup and therefore how confident you are about your face. 

But this is different to noticing the details of your makeup. 

He’s not going to pay close attention or notice shifts you make in your makeup, highlights in your hair and small details like that (because they’re small to him). 

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What Else Do Guys Notice?

There are many other factors that men notice as well about a woman’s body. 

One is her voice: if a man is not attracted to a woman’s voice it’s very hard to be attracted to her physically or romantically. This varies by each guy, but in general, men are attracted to a voice that demonstrates female fragility and vulnerability.

“Males find female voices that indicate a smaller body size—high-pitched, breathy voices with wide formant spacing—most attractive. 

Females, on the other hand, prefer to hear a low-pitched voice with narrow formant spacing, reflecting a larger body size,” notes Brian Krans.

Other factors include: 

  • A woman’s smell
  • The health of her hair
  • The style that she presents; and 
  • Her posture, which I mentioned previously

Men will also be very observant about a woman’s overall projection of confidence. Does she look them in the eyes or does she look away frequently?

Is she funny with an attractive laugh or is she hard to talk to, and is it hard for him to make her laugh?

Does she speak clearly, with an accent? Does she mumble her words or use a lot of slang? Is she quite formal?

These are all things men notice right away on meeting a woman and interacting with her. 

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An Important Note About Female Body Image

Female body image is a big topic these days, especially with the growth in tragic disorders like anorexia. 

We often hear about how Hollywood and pop culture promotes an unrealistic and damaging ideal of the ideal female body. 

This is true. Women do not have to be rake thin with perfect breasts and firm, toned arms to be attractive. 

They don’t need flawless skin or to look like an airbrushed model from a billboard. 

The truth is that a woman’s true beauty is in her smile and her eyes. Her body is something men notice, but it will never be enough to keep his interest and long-term dedication. 

That comes from the personal, emotional connection and emotional attraction he feels for her. 

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A woman’s body and appearance matters, absolutely. 

But it’s not everything. 

And what a man notices is not the image of perfection that Hollywood and the modeling world would have you beleive.

In fact, there’s a profound reason why Men Don’t Fall in Love With Perfect Women

Here’s a video on why that is, by D.Shen:

So remember this:

Men will notice a woman and her beauty which encompasses mainly her energy and her emotional generosity. 

If he’s attracted to her then he’s not going to be focused on a few small faults. 


Do Guys Care If You Have A Belly?

Guys are not obsessed about weight, as I mentioned. This is a thing created by the media to market their diets, clothes and pop culture products. 

Men just aren’t as obsessed about weight as women think. 

However they will care if you have a big belly. The operative word here of course is “big.”

What defines a woman who has a “big” belly versus one who simply has a little bit of a belly?

That’s partly a matter of taste, quite frankly. Generally speaking, a man is not going to care if a woman has a small belly. 

However if you have a larger belly or enough fat to be in rolls then a man will notice and will generally be less attracted as a result of that.

What Body Part Do Guys Notice First?

The first body part men notice in a woman, as I noted above, is their face. This is confirmed by numerous scientific experiments and social polls and studies. 

As Ashley Oerman notes for Women’s Health:

“We asked more than 6,000 Men’s Health Twitter followers where their eyes go when they first spot you. 

And the winner might actually surprise you. It’s your face.”

Guys care about your skin, your weight, your breasts, butt, legs and so on. But that’s not the first thing they notice.

The first thing they notice is you, or at least your face. 

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What Do Guys Notice About a Woman Instantly?

The first thing men notice about a woman immediately is her eyes. There’s just no doubt about it. 

If you have striking blue or green eyes a man will see that. 

The eyes have enormous power and influence on people and they are often where love starts. There’s a reason that couples sit staring into each other’s eyes for hours and hours. 

They never lose interest, because they see something there that goes far below the surface, deeper and emotional and profound. 

As Liset Rivet puts it:

“The eyes most definitely get all the attention, especially when a man first meets a woman. The shape, size and color can easily tempt a man into wanting to know who the woman is behind those eyes.”

What Do Guys Find Attractive?

What men find attractive obviously varies by each man. I have friends who prefer women with small breasts and others who like them large. 

My tastes vary widely from my other straight guy friends’ tastes. It really depends on the guy. 

That said, there are certain patterns. 

Men like a woman to have a round or at least shapely booty, nice teeth, smooth skin, a pleasing smile and pretty eyes. They appreciate full lips, wide hips, shapely, toned legs and a pleasant smell. 

Every man is different, but if you were to sample 100 random men about which women they find most attractive, similar traits like this would keep popping up. 

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