14 Guaranteed Early Dating Signs He Likes You

Is there anything worse than doubting whether someone you are interested in likes you back?

It’s like emotional torture!

So how can you know?

When a guy is interested in you, he’ll show it in a lot of ways, if you know what to look for.

Men can’t fake their feelings for long, so you’ll be able to find out he’s interested by watching his actions closely.

There are various things to watch for in terms of the most important early dating signs he likes you.

First, What About Players?

Of course, we’ve all been through a lot of situations where, unfortunately, we’ve been deceived.

Some guys are cynically manipulative, and they pass themselves off like real gentlemen who are very interested in you just to get you into bed.

In contrast, some men are quite direct and true with their intentions.

To figure it out, you can check these early dating red flags.

Most importantly, just pay attention and observe the attitudes and actions of the guy to check whether or not he wants something serious with you, or whether he’s just a player who’s faking it.

Let’s take a look at the top early dating signs he likes you a lot.

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Sign #1. He Makes A Point of Remembering the Things You Say To Him

When a guy likes you, he’s going to make a point of remembering the things you say to him.

Even the tiny details are something he’ll pay attention to.

He’s also going to want to know everything about you.

One of the top early dating signs he likes you is that he mentions things you’ve told him in the past, like taking you somewhere where you always said you wanted to go, or buying you your favorite candy, for example.

These signs mean that he has been paying attention and that he likes you for real.

When this is done consistently over time, you can be sure he actually likes you (it’s pretty hard to pretend to care about the little things in the long term!)

Sign #2. He Doesn’t Pressure You to Have Sex

A man who truly respects and values you will feel that you are worth the wait.

If he pushes you to have sex right away, he could be showing interest just in order to use you for one night and wants nothing more.

When a guy really likes a girl, he prefers to spend time with her and enjoy her company, not just push her for sex right away.

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If he’s willing to wait, then you have a good guy on your hands, and he likely is growing some serious feelings for you, too.

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Sign #3. He Always Finds a Way to Get In Touch With You

You know how busy his life is and yet he always takes a little time to contact you, even if it is just to say a ‘hi’.

He’s making it clear that he doesn’t forget you during the day and doesn’t even look for an excuse to call or text you – he just does it.

You’re clearly on his radar.

This means he thinks about you a lot and wants to see if you like him too.

Sign # 4. You Are The Center of His World

When a guy is mega interested, you’re going to be the center of his world.

His eyes will be glued to you, and he will be hanging on to every word you say.

The world could collapse, but not even that can distract his attention away from you.

This is obviously one of the key early dating signs he likes you.

He wouldn’t care so much about you or focus on you to such an extent if you were just another girl.

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Sign #5. He  Answers All Your Messages Almost At The Same Time You Send Them

Most guys don’t usually have the best texting etiquette, especially if they live a busy work and family life. But if he is really interested in you, he usually responds to your texts very quickly.

No doubt about it, this guy likes you! 

And this is one of the most crucial early dating signs he likes you.

On the other hand, if you’ve ever noticed that he’s the kind of guy who’s always glued to his phone, but when you two are separated, it takes hours for him to respond, he’s definitely not that interested.

Tardy texting can definitely be a sign that you’re not that important in his life.

Sign #6. He Inches Closer And Closer To You

When a guy really likes you, he’ll do anything to get physically close to you.

He can lean over when you show him something on your phone, touch you subtly, help you with your jacket, or something similar.

The point of all this is to get close to you physically and to take in more of you! He can’t get enough!

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Of course, if he’s only half serious about you, he may not take no for an answer when you express that you don’t feel like letting him get too close.

The difference between a guy who really likes you and a guy who just wants something casual with you is that the one who’s really serious about you will wait for your signal that it’s okay if he gets a little closer.

Important tip: if you notice that a guy keeps pressuring you to let him get closer and you’re feeling more and more anxious about it, beware, because he may not have any respect for you.

You want to steer clear from the guys who refuse to listen to your feedback and try to force themselves onto you, because these guys may already perceive you to be “easy” or “low value”.

And once they have this perception, it’s downhill from there, especially if you have anxiety or even if you have trouble walking away.

My advice?

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Sign #7. He Looks Deep Into Your Eyes

You know the kind of look that takes your breath away?

The look quality men give when they can’t focus on anything else but you?

It’s kind of like they’re trying to know you inside and out, and want to claim you as their very own!

One of the strongest early dating signs he likes you is that he gives you this feeling when he looks into your eyes.

If a guy looks deeply into your eyes, he’s definitely interested, to the point where you might feel like he’s barely broken eye contact with you all night long.

This is a pretty obvious sign that he likes you.

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Sign #8. He Does Everything He Can To See You Smile

How can you not fall in love with a funny, humorous guy?

A lot of guys get really playful when they really like a woman.

If he teases you, plays with you and always finds a way to make you laugh, he does it because he really likes you.

He also probably likes your reactions (*ahem*, lives for your reactions), and they also help him let out any repressed sexual tension.

Sign #9. He Tries to Impress Your Friends

This is a big one!

If you’ve introduced him to your friends and you notice that he’s on his best behavior, then he probably cares about his relationship with you, and it’s also likely that he’s trying to get your approval.

A guy knows that having a good relationship with your friends will give him positive points with you, since your friends will probably tell you that he is a great guy.

If he treats you even more special in front of them, that’s a definite sign that he’s really enjoying you and it’s also one of the most important early dating signs he likes you.

Sign #10. He Introduces You To His Friends And Family

(Bonus points if he introduces you to his family as his girlfriend!)

This sign here should clear away all your doubts about his feelings for you.

When a guy introduces you to his friends and family, you can be sure that he considers you as someone special.

He will take you home because he wants his loved ones to see that you’re someone he really likes and considers a potential long-term girlfriend.

He also wants their opinion, so he knows what his loved ones think before taking the next step.

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Sign #11. He Praises You In Front Of Other People

If a guy often compliments you in front of friends and family, and even strangers, then he’s definitely showing the world that he’s proud to be around you.

It’s a nice feeling, isn’t it?

And when he does it, he wants you to listen to what he’s saying too, so that you know how much he really likes you.

If you notice him giving you compliments in front of others, consider this among the clearest early dating signs he likes you.

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Sign #12. He Frequently Asks You Out On Dates

A guy rarely asks a girl out on many dates or spends a lot of free time with her unless he’s really interested in her.


Because asking girls out on dates is somewhat risky for guys…they know that the girl could just reject him or decide that she hates him whenever she wants.

If he calls you a few times a week to go out or to go places together, then there’s every chance he values you so much that he can’t get enough of your presence.

Bonus points if he’s always treating you to drinks, coffee or food on those dates.

This is a great sign that he is willing to spend time on you and likes you.

It’s one of the biggest early dating signs he likes you.

Sign #13. He Stops Talking In The Singular And Begins To Speak Only In The Plural

If the guy you’re talking to starts saying things like:

  • We should take a look
  • We need to try this one day
  • Let’s go try that trail next week
  • We can see a movie on the weekend

And so on…

It shows that he recognizes that there is something between the two of you, and is already thinking of you both as a couple.

If he says things like:

  • You should check this out
  • You can go some day
  • You have to go see X movie
  • This city has a very good restaurant that you have to go when you have the opportunity;

And so on…

Then he’s seeing you only as something casual, and likely won’t commit.

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Sign #14. He Makes Future Plans And Includes You In Them

When the two of you are really enjoying yourself, he’ll start making future plans and including you in them.

For example, if he says he’ll take you somewhere you said you want to visit or talks about going on a trip together in the future, he’s making it clear that he wants to be with you and that you are important to him.

Guys who are not interested in something long-term usually make vague statements like:

  • Maybe someday you’ll get to visit there
  • I hope that plan goes well for you…

And so on…

When you become more important to him, (or even the most important person to him), he’ll make future plans and include you in all of them.

That’s a great sign that he likes you and sees you as a potential long-term partner.

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Wrapping Up…

The above signs are definitely good indicators of whether the guy you are interested in shares the same feelings as you do.

Keep an eye on these clues in his behavior. They will show you how much he truly values you and where you really stand in his life.

Are you just a fling or much more? Pay attention to the signs and you’ll be able to decode his true intentions.

As I wrote earlier, some guys may pretend to have a deeper interest in you just to have sex, but generally if he’s showing many of the signs above that’s a great thing, as these are rock solid early dating signs he likes you.

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Remember to Flip This Around As Well…

Remember to switch shoes with the guy as well so that you’re the powerful one.

What do I mean?

Let’s say you’re sure he likes you. Great!

Now decide: is he what you really want? Do you like him enough to see him as a long term boyfriend or even husband?

Because that’s what is most important. 

It’s one thing to look for the early dating signs he likes you. It’s another to feel deep within yourself and discover if you really like him, and if you see him as someone you could lean on in the long term.

Best of luck out there, and as always, be careful!

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