How to Be a High Value Woman: 13 Traits + Examples

If you’re wondering how to be a high value woman, the good news is that it’s not too hard. 

You already have everything you need inside you to become a high value woman. But because most women don’t fully understand what it means to be a high value woman, I’m here to help you discover the 13 most important traits of a high value woman.

All you need is to understand a few basic traits of a high value woman, and embody more of those within yourself.

Being a high value woman involves integrating the feminine parts of you as well as the feminist parts of you. 

Being a part of the fairer sex, I feel proud to be born in this generation that has opened immense opportunities for women. Now, I truly believe in the proverb, “the sky is the limit.”

However, many of us are shunning our femininity in pursuit of the feminist “power woman” approach to life – and there’s nothing wrong with a power woman. 

However, the key is not to shun our femininity or feminine energy, because it’s good to keep that too.

Instead, what we want to do is integrate both of these into your life. This article would act as gospel to all those who want to understand how to be a high value woman.

A high value woman is someone who realizes and appreciates her importance and value. Her appealing personality attracts attention from everyone, and even powerful men cannot resist being drawn to her. However, an important quality that makes her so valuable is her ability to be selective about the people she lets in her life.

“When a woman rises in glory, her energy is magnetic and her sense of possibility contagious” – Marianne Williamson

Doesn’t that sound POWERFUL to you?

Several traits distinguish a high value woman from those who haven’t yet recognized their true power. 

The sections below would explicate these peculiarities and answer a few direct questions that most women ponder.

13 Traits of a High Value Woman

So, what makes a high-value woman different? Are they born or raised differently? Well, I would rather avoid getting into such specifics as they really do not matter.

What matters is that no matter our upbringing, we can all become more of who we are deep down inside (despite how others may have tried to judge, reject or oppress certain parts of us).

What TRULY matters is that every woman who has a strong will and determination can become a high value woman. If you want to know how to be a high value woman, then peruse these traits meticulously.

#1: She Is Proud Of Her Feminism As Well As Embodying Her Femininity.

She is the perfect combination of soft and feminine, as well as strong and purpose-driven. These two traits coupled together make her the perfect, whole woman.

Her elegance is an utter reflection of the graceful power she holds. Marilyn Monroe is a great example of this. She radiates her strength as well as her feminine energy by being a high-value woman.

If you find it easy to be the successful kick-ass woman, but struggle with embodying your unique feminine energy, here are 18 ways of a high value, soft and feminine woman (taught by The Feminine Woman).

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#2: She Never Feels Dependent On The Approval Of Others.

But rather, trusts her conviction.

She has her own direction in life. Her direction comprises her own internal compass, that is based on sound ethics and the power of her intuitive female emotions.

#3: She Knows That She Is Not Invulnerable & She Accepts It.

Being vulnerable does not represent weakness. Rather, it reflects courage and strength.

For example, Jennifer Unsworth, the founder & CEO of Tidy Tot, says:

“Be true to yourself.  Vulnerability and honesty are an asset in leadership; without them, you will never be able to influence others around you.”

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#4: She Has A Definitive Purpose In Her Life.

These may be personal or professional goals, and her entire focus is directed towards their attainment. If you haven’t found your true purpose yet, here’s how to find that.

#5: She Doesn’t Play Power-Games With Men.

Being equal is all that matters to her, and she proves it by being indulgent with her man and adding value to the relationship by building emotional attraction and emotional connection.
Operating from a judgmental attitude is never a part of her plan.

#6: She Has Numerous Things That Give Meaning To Her Life.

This means that she is not dependent on one thing to give her the feeling of being ‘enough.’

#7: She Does Not Shy Away From Taking Responsibility For Her Life Or Her Relationships.

Being truthful and honest are the qualities she exhibits and she expects the same from her partner.

#8: She Is Kind, Compassionate, Generous & Invests In Relationships That She Believes In.

She understands the power of empathy, and it radiates from her conduct. However, she gives her generosity to the people who she already trusts and who have earned it.

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#9: She Knows That She Is Worthy.

She does not require any approval (not even from men). She is grounded in her inherent self-worth, which is evident from how she walks, talks, dresses, and treats herself.

#10: She Strives To Keep Educating Herself & Enhancing Her Value.

…Even when she is physically, intellectually, or spiritually stable. Expanding her horizons by learning something new every day is important to her.

#11:  She Believes In Behaving Maturely In A Relationship.

Being mature means being a secure, value-adding yet independent adult who avoids being clingy, needy, desperate, manipulating, and playing mind-games, etc.

#12: She Takes Care Of Her Physical, Mental & Spiritual Self.

A high value woman knows the importance of these three facets in leading a balanced life. A self-care routine involving healthy nourishment, exercising, and praying is very important to her.

#13: She Values Integrity.

A high value woman builds her life around specific values and moral convictions. Her values of integrity define her personality and behavior.

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Frequently Asked Questions On How To Be A High Value Woman

How To Be A High Value Woman In A Man’s Eyes?

It’s good that you want to appear as a high value woman in a man’s eyes, but it is important to remember that it should not be the sole reason to become a high value woman.

What you truly are inside and what men perceive you to be can be manipulated and isn’t always in your control.

That being said, if you want to know how to be a high value woman in a man’s eyes, then start by being presentable. A well-dressed, sophisticated woman immediately draws the stares of males.

How you hold yourself and talk is the first thing a man observes, so make sure you’re primed to give a good first impression. Take joy in having the opportunity to create a good first impression, because as the famous actor Ethan Hawke once said in an interview:

“The worst thing about being famous is that I permanently lost the chance to create a first impression.”

So, take creating first impressions seriously and present yourself nicely. You cannot expect to be taken seriously when you are too shabby to care for yourself!

Remember, men too have evolved from the traditional dogmas, and now they prefer a woman who does not mind being their equal partner.

“A high value woman is able to give a deeper love. If you know inside that no one can love your man (or future man) as much as you do, he will show up in the most amazing ways in your life” – Renee Wade

If you are already in a relationship, do not be afraid to present your views in matters of finance, investment, or income. Be a part of every major life decision and discuss boldly with sheer conviction.

While romancing, being a little flirty is okay as long as you do not come off as too desperate. Men like the attention, and some even like it when you take the initiative. 

Being bold and slutty would only add to your charm and allure when in bed (you know how they always say that men want a lady in public but a whore in the bedroom). To be a high value woman in a man’s eyes:

  1. Be calm
  2. Poised
  3. Classy
  4. Bold; and 
  5. Sexy!

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What Is A Low-Value Woman?

A low-value woman lacks self-confidence and has no control over her life. She fails to make important decisions on a daily basis and lets life take control over the momentum. 

To a low-value woman, everything bad always happens to her, since she deserves it.

Another clear sign of a low-value woman is that she still sees herself as a helpless being at the mercy of decisions taken by others. Such women are always afraid to take charge of their lives.

A low-value woman doesn’t have the desire to give due consideration to self-care, knowledge enhancement, or integrity. Her nature succumbs to hiding behind feelings of hatred, distrust, unhappiness, and disloyalty.

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What Is A High-Value, High-Status Woman?

A high value high-status woman is the one who represents all the traits of a high value woman and is successful in her career. Her personality shines with buoyancy, contentment, achievement, happiness, and pride.

“She is a queen. Her soul is royalty”- Adrian Michael

A high value high-status woman often becomes an inspiration to other aspirants. Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, Audrey Hepburn, Marilyn Mnoroe, Indra Nooyi and Mary Bara are perfect examples of high value, high-status women.

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What Is The most Important First Step To Becoming A high Value Woman

To be or not to be a high value woman, is entirely up to you! 

But when YOU ask, “How to be a high value woman?” it shows that you have already commenced your journey. I hope the traits mentioned in this article motivate you and help you move in the right direction.

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