7 Genius Ways To Make Him Miss You Through Text

If you want to know how to make him miss you through text, the key is to trigger memories and feelings of emotional attraction in him.

If you focus on these two principles, making him miss you will become easy.

Let’s discuss 5 ways to make him miss you through text messages.

#1: Create A Positive Association With Texting You.

No, not every interaction has to be perfect. Sometimes life brings unhappy moments and conflicts, and that’s ok.

But what you want to do is try to leave him with a feeling of warmth, a smile and a positive association with texting you.

How can you create positive associations with texting you?

The key is to text with the right approach:

  • Don’t text just to take from him
  • Don’t text to criticize him
  • Don’t create negative drama because you’re bored; and
  • Don’t text if you’re feeling desperate


  • Text him when you know he’s got time to text back, don’t pressure him to text when you know he’s busy at work or in a rush
  • Appreciate his effort towards texting (quietly to yourself, as this will come through in all your interactions with men), and men love and miss a woman who appreciates them.
  • Focus on connecting in your texts, not on what you want him to do

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#2: Create Anticipation Through Playful Banter.

Next in line for how to make him miss you through text is to make an effort to create anticipation.

Don’t simply say “I miss you” and leave it at that.

If you really want to make him miss you, focus on initiating some playful banter with him.

Playful banter will create conversation momentum as well as an emotional connection between you and him.

Here’s an example of playful banter you can send in a text:

You: “You know what I love about you?”

Him: “What do you love about me?”

You: Nothing at all! [insert playful emoji here].

(I can’t take credit for this example, I borrowed it from the banter experts over at The Feminine Woman. You can learn how to banter with a man through text and in person here.)

How to make him miss you through text?

Anticipation is key. Try not to be too predictable or keep the same pattern of communication with him.

Instead, mix things up and create suspense by using the dark feminine art of playful banter.

You can get more free examples of banter from David’s FREE banter class HERE.

#3: Show Genuine Interest.

Another way to make him miss you through text is to show him that you genuinely care about him and his life.

Ask him questions about his day, his job, and his passions.

There’s nothing like genuine curiosity and care to plant the seeds that will make him miss you in the future.


Because it’s rare that someone cares.

But of course, this is something that cannot be faked.

You can’t fake care, so make sure you’re genuinely ready and willing to offer your curiosity, your presence and your support.

Making him miss you through text can be achieved by making sure your text messages are not generic.

Don’t just send:

“So how was your day” every time.

I want to reassure you that it’s ok to send a text like this, but don’t make it a habit.

Instead, ask him about something you know he cares about, or ask him about someone he hates working with (at work or school.)

This will ensure that he sees that you’re not being fake, but rather, that you’ve actually listened to him in the past.

So when you ask him about his day, his job or his passions, be sure to ask questions about the topics that are important to him.

Ask him follow-up questions, and let him know you care about his answers.

#4: Focus On The Emotional Connection.

It’s important that the texts you send focus on creating an emotional connection.


Because without emotional connection, he won’t actually miss you!

How to create emotional connection through text?

Firstly, you need to understand that emotions are the key to human connection.

Being able to understand and relate to the feelings of another person – in this case a man – is the best way to create an emotional bond.

To do this, you will need to reach outside of yourself and into his experiences, values and thoughts.

I would say feelings as well, except men don’t tend to feel very deeply day-to-day, even though they are highly capable of feelings in certain contexts (such as when it comes to someone they truly love).

Instead, men are more focused on the problems they need to solve and being empty emotionally.


Reach outside of yourself, take the focus off you and try to appreciate what he goes through day to day.

Show him that you see his struggles and celebrate his wins.

Show him that his hard work is noticed by you, even if it’s unnoticed by other people.

How to make him miss you through text?

Respond to his text messages with empathy and understanding.

In other words, lead with your understanding and find ways to connect with him on his level.

(of course this doesn’t mean you should never talk about yourself – absolutely not!)

It just means that you can create that feeling of emotional connection with him by feeling into his experiences.

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#5: Send Texts That Ignite His Memory.

A key way to make him miss you through text is to leave him with something he remembers.

That can mean a quote, a joke, or a discussion of an inside joke that the two of you have.

Examples of texts that will ignite his memory:

  • Jog his memory about a competition he won
  • Send him a photo of a pet you both used to care for (or a child if you share children together)
  • Send a funny video that reminds you both of a funny moment you shared
  • Send a memory of a time you were together or a place you visited; and
  • You can also send a text that includes a shared experience

Taking the time to think of something special to send him will help him miss you, especially if it is something that he cannot find or doesn’t know how to find himself.

#6. Use His Name.

Incorporating a man’s name when sending a text message is a powerful way to make him miss you.

According to a recent study conducted by The Journal of Social and Personal Relationships, addressing people by their name is associated with a much greater level of intimacy.

By using his name in your texts, you are deepening the bond between you two and helping him to miss you more.

You don’t have to use his name in every text but using it occasionally will help him to remember that you are thinking about him, even when he’s not around.

Another key to maximising the value of using his name is what we’re about to discuss in the next point.

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#7: Use Voice Messages

How to make him miss you through text?

Use the art of voice messaging.

And specifically, say his name through voice messages.

That’s right, be game and use more voice messages.

Mix up your voice messages with your written text messages and this will inject some variety into your conversations.

Be mindful of your tone and use your voice messages to reflect your joy for connecting with him and your sense of playfulness.

Studies have also found that hearing one’s own name will cause a psychological response known as the priming effect.

This means that by simply hearing his name spoken by you over voice text, it can trigger positive feelings and create a connection with you.

It can also help remind him of the times the two of you shared together, even if he isn’t in your presence.

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#8. Make Him Feel Desired.

One of the best ways to make him miss you through text is by making him feel desired and wanted.

If a guy feels desired, it not only turns him on, it can also make him more emotionally attached to (when combined with romantic feelings for you).

So, you can tell him what you appreciate about him, and you can tease him with texts that remind him of a sensual time you shared together.

Obviously this may cross into the sexual realm and if you trust the guy, then it’s ok.

Some more ideas:

Mention his large and attractive biceps in passing

Refer to his strong and capable hands

Show how much you enjoy and appreciate watching him fix something around the house

For more in depth tips, see this article on How To Make Him Miss You Sexually.

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Texting is an important part of any relationship, even though you’re limited to words on a screen (or in some cases, to a voice over voice message).

It is important to make sure that you take the art of texting seriously by not abusing it or letting negative associations build up over text.

By focusing on creating an emotional connection, sending texts that ignite his memory, using his name and using voice messages, you can make him miss you more and create a deeper bond between the two of you.

Remember to be playful, flirty and use your words to make him feel desired.

With these tips and tricks, you can make him miss you more through text and create a lasting connection.

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