17 Glaring Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually

Here’s a scenario:

You’ve been dating a guy for a few months and you’re still in doubt about whether he really wants you in a sexual way.

Does he find you crazy hot or are you more of a friend or an idealistic, asexual partner?

Here’s how to find out if he’s got a hard-on for you or whether he thinks you’re no more desirable than the other ladies he’s gone to bed with.

#1. The Body Speaks

Undoubtedly, the body talks a lot and learning to interpret it is one of the most effective ways to find out if he wants you for real or not.

If he’s into you, pay close attention to how his body speaks.

Many of the most important signs he wants you badly sexually are a matter of understanding body language.

He will look you in the eye while you’re talking, lick his lips while looking at you and stretch his muscles so that you notice his attractive physique.

His intention will be to get your attention in whatever ways he can, even subconsciously.

Also pay attention to where he looks. If he frequently looks at your mouth, breasts and butt, then he wants you.

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#2. He Wants to See You All The Time

Another of the top signs he wants you badly sexually is that he wants almost all of your time to go toward him.

If you already have a certain intimacy, the guy who really wants you sexually will want you to spend as much time as possible with him.

He’s going to miss the gym, cancel his attendance at his bro’s football game or party with friends just to accept that invitation you made to talk and hang out.

He might also appear by surprise on your doorstep just to see how you are doing.

Make no mistake: he wants you bad.

#3. He Always Touches You When You’re Together

This may be something that even goes unnoticed by you, but when the guy keeps touching you all the time, you can be it’s one of the top signs he wants you badly sexually.

Try to see if he keeps touching you while you’re talking or laughing at something in a casual way.

It may just be a light touch on your arm or a pat on the shoulder, but it likely means he’s horny.

He’ll also make a point of coming to greet you in a warmer way than usual instead of just saying hi from afar.

He likes to feel your body next to his, so he’ll also make a point of hugging you whenever possible.

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#4. He Takes The Initiative

The level of his desire can be determined by his initiative.

Does he tease you and take the lead? This means he is very turned on sexually.

Someone who madly desires you won’t wait until you call for sex, he’ll try to make love to you whenever he gets the chance.

Your sexual intercourse will never be scripted or programmed by the calendar.

He won’t think twice before dropping a video game or anything else to be with you.

The kisses will always be intense and warm because every moment is very pleasurable for him when he is with you.

He wants you badly and he won’t try to hide it one bit, nor will you truly be in doubt about it.

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#5. Hot Nights Full Of Passion

A man who feels truly turned on by you is not going to be a passive lover.

He will make movements of his own, thrusting his hips and pelvis a lot, demonstrating all his excitement in the sexual act.

He will also be a particularly proactive and receptive lover, paying attention to what you like and dislike and making sounds that are in unison with yours. 

He will also be thorough in harnessing his entire body in the intimate act whilst paying attention to your every curve.

#6. The Sex Is On Fire

Kings of Leon hit the top of the charts with their single “Sex On Fire,” but that’s really how it is when you’re both into each other fully.

The sex is on fire.

And he’s got his eyes closed because he’s living completely in the moment with you.

A related one of the signs he wants you badly sexually is that he moans and groans during the act.

These are key signs of satisfaction and strong desire.

Be wary if he is indifferent, with his eyes open or unenthusiastic about having sex or while having sex.

#7. He Never Leaves Out Kissing

Kissing is an act of affectionate love, and you can tell a lot from a kiss.

Many of the most important signs he wants you badly sexually can be determined by the kiss itself and how much he’s into kissing you.

If the guy peppers you with kisses before, during and after sex, it’s because he’s feeling a lot of connection with you and wants you at all hours.

Kissing a lot and with passion is an important barometer of genuine desire and one of the main signs he wants you badly.

#8. He’s Sexually Generous (And Not Out Of Obligation)

Another of the key signs he wants you badly sexually is that he’s a generous lover.

It’s never just about getting off for him.

He likes foreplay and invests in it, showing you his passion and desire for you. 

You’ll be feeling his whole body and soul present with you, enjoying every second and minute as he’s giving you pleasure.

He’ll never leave you wondering whether he’s just in it to get off or whether he’s in it because he wants to own you sexually, physically and emotionally!


Something that drives men crazy is being with a woman who is sure of what she likes and gets more turned on by his sexul desire for her.

It’s a feedback loop that gets hotter every time around.

Men are made of ego, and they love that they are able to drive a woman crazy sexually.

By the way, you should also try to be sure that this guy is into you emotionally. This is because if it’s purely sexual, then that’s all it will ever be.

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#9. He Calls You The Next Day

You guys have been going out for a while and he always finds a way to call you, especially the next day after a hot night with you.

Calling the next day is characteristic of someone who liked the meeting and intends to continue seeing you, at least on a sexual level.

This is one of the absolute best signs he wants you badly sexually: he loved the night with you and wants to hit the repeat button.

#10. He Loves Watching Shows With You

I believe every couple should enjoy doing quiet couple things once in a while.

Things like watching a show together.

And when you suggest something like that, he’s always willing to do it with you and he enjoys snuggling up with you.

Even if it’s to watch a movie while hugging, you can feel the sexual desire burning.

Sometimes you can’t even get halfway through the movie because you end up having sex because you feel an uncontrollable desire.

There’s no doubt this guy is ultra horny for you and those hips don’t lie.

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#11. He Sleeps Over And Always Wants A Second Round

Stop and think about this: how many times have you slept together after sex?

If the answer is many times, that’s a great sign that he likes sex with you.

Indeed, one of the most important signs he wants you badly sexually is that he never gets tired of it.

He wants to sleep over and he always wants a second round, or a third or fourth…

For a man, spending the night with someone who he feels nothing for or with whom the sex is average, is uninspiring.

The guy who loves having sex with you will always be eager to sleep over if possible.

He’s probably already got morning sex on his mind the moment he drifts off after a lovemaking marathon.

Or maybe he never drifts off to sleep at all and the two of you go at it all night.

#12. His Sexting Game Is Off The Charts

If he can’t stay more than a day without keeping in touch with you and sending you sexy messages, you’ve got this guy wrapped around your finger.

You’re at work, out shopping or even working out at the gym and your cell phone won’t stop beeping?

Congratulations, this guy wants you badly.

And when you go to check the messages he says he misses you and maybe sends a suggestive or teasing photo or meme.

His sexting game is so off the charts that sometimes you have to intentionally ignore his texts so you don’t get too turned on at work.

Clearly there’s a lot of sexual energy flooding the airwaves here.

#13. He Pays Attention To Your Emotions AND Your Words (Not Just Your Body)

Another of the crucial signs he wants you badly sexually is that he really pays attention to what you say.

He does everything he can to please you and remembers your likes and dislikes.

He likes to talk to you and listen to you so that he can know what makes you happy or sad, and what turns you on or off.

The key here is to notice whether he’s very receptive to what you share with him.  

This isn’t just about being receptive to what you like sexually, but what you like emotionally and psychologically as well.


Because a guy who is genuinely into you sexually would at some point figure out that to really turn a woman on, you have to appeal to her emotions as well.


Does he try to get all the information he can about your future dreams and even try to help make them come true?

Do you notice that he knows how to touch you? Specifically, the parts of your body that give you the most pleasure? 

Does he always make a point of fulfilling your emotional, psychological and physical fantasies?

Does he encourage you to tell him all your fantasies, making you feel comfortable to gradually open up and share more of your fantasies, even the dark ones?

If the answer is yes, then this guy isn’t just here for a pump and dump, he clearly is enchanted with your body and your mind.

If you’re one of the lucky women, his enchantment may lead to an ultimate lifetime of passionate commitment to you!

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#14. He Forgets Everything When You Get Naughty

It could be in your room, your car or at your house.

But when the clothes come off and the naughty business starts, this guy travels with you on a rocket ship to another planet, and you explore it together.

This is one of the most important signs he wants you badly sexually.

He forgets everything during sex, even whatever stresses he has or topics you were talking about before.

He’s never quick to grab his phone to check social media or text a friend. Instead, he’s all yours.

Despite any inconvenience resulting from memory lapses, this a great indicator that his passion or you is very much for real.

#15. He Gets As Hard As Steel

Next up, let’s not forget to mention the basics:

One of the top signs he wants you badly sexually is that he gets hard as steel.

This guy is human Viagra.

I’m talking about a rod that could slay a dragon (or woo a maiden).

Aren’t you lucky…

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#16. He Can’t Control Himself

Another sign he really wants you sexually is that he can’t stop his impulse to flirt with you and make a move on you! 

Whether it’s at a restaurant or even a party, he can’t hold back his desire and will openly flirt with you and try to kiss you or make other moves.

He also shows it in the intense and smoldering looks he gives you and the way he shifts around to adjust his erection.  

Or it could be that he’s more direct and whispers in your ear that he’s got a massive hard-on and can’t wait to leave with you and have wild sex.

#17. He Bombards You With Compliments And Always Calls You Hot

If you get a lot of compliments from him and he goes out of his way to let you know that you rock his world, that’s a good sign, as long as it lasts longer than a few weeks or months.

If he’s always complimenting you and he does it consistently over the long term, then he likely really means it.

Compliments are always welcome, and pay attention to what he says.

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If he talks about how your body makes him wild, he’s clearly got you on his mind.

If he talks about how hot you are and how he can’t stop thinking of sex with you, then he clearly wants you badly.

If he compliments you on things beyond your body, like your eyes, your soul and your cute personality, that’s bonus points.

There you have it! These are the clear signs he wants you badly sexually.

What’s Up With This Relationship?

If he’s showing more than half of the signs above, then have no doubt: you make him crazy and he’s addicted to you.

Hands up and panties on the floor!

If you feel the same way about him, then you’re in luck: you have a relationship that catches fire even while it’s snowing.

So, enjoy your time together, and make clear to him what you want and like most in sex, because he’ll love to know all about it and take you both to new heights of pleasure.

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