13 Profound Signs the Kiss Meant Something to Him

Have you just met a guy who seems perfect?

If you’re like me then you’ve already been imagining your first date with Prince Charming.

Will the chemistry blow the roof off or will the date turn out to be disappointing?

Much of this depends on your connection when you kiss.

But there’s a catch:

Even if the kiss is amazing and world-shaking for you, it might be no big deal and kind of boring for him.

How can you tell for sure?

13 Profound Signs the Kiss Meant Something to Him

The very first kiss may not blow your socks off, but what you both feel when you kiss can be crucial to knowing whether or not the relationship has a future.

Was there a real emotional connection felt by both of you?

Or was it nothing special for him (and he already forgot about it by the next morning?)

Here’s the thing:

Whether the kiss meant something to him depends largely on whether he feels both emotional connection and emotional attraction for you.

If he doesn’t feel these two things to any degree, then there’s a decent chance it didn’t mean much to him. 

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Whether your first kiss comes on the first date or a bit later on, here’s how to know if he really liked it or not, and whether the kiss meant something to him. 

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Sign #1 – He Says He Liked It

Among the top signs the kiss meant something to him is that he says he liked it right after locking lips.

Men become more susceptible when they are feeling pleasure and tend to be more comfortable talking openly and spontaneously.

Right after he kissed you, if he says he liked the kiss, believe him!

He’s probably not lying.

If a guy doesn’t like it much and isn’t that into you he’s more likely to awkwardly kind of smile and talk about some other subject.

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Sign #2 – He Wants to Kiss More After the First Kiss

Let’s imagine the following scenario:

You guys have a date, and you get those anxious butterflies in your stomach.

You eat in a decent restaurant, talk a lot and are having a nice time, but so far nothing has happened in the romance department.

When it’s time to leave he offers to drive you home.

Among many words thrown into the wind, you keep wondering if he was going to kiss you or not.

Then he stops in front of your home and goes in for the kiss.

You wait a split second to see what he’ll do after such a great kiss. 

Will he stay or will he go?

Then, instead of just pulling away and going home, he goes in for another kiss – and tenderly, too.

This desire to kiss you more can mean that he finds you adorable, attractive and that it means something more than just him kissing some random girl one night.

Sign #3 – He Messages You Even More the Day After the Kiss

This is one of the most important signs the kiss meant something to him: he messages you even more the day after you kissed.

Let’s be honest with each other, we women are insecure whether the guy liked it or not after kissing.

If you don’t get any messages the next day, unfortunately you’re probably just one more name on his contact list.

But if he takes the time to send a good morning message and ask how you’re doing, girl, you’re doing fine!

That’s an indication that he not only liked the kiss, he liked you, and is interested in seeing you again.

Sign #4 – He Pays a Lot of Attention to You After Kissing 

After the kiss, if you notice that he sits further away, avoids eye contact and ignores you, it’s not a good sign.

But if after the kiss you realize that he gets closer to you, paying attention to every word and gesture of yours, that’s a definite level up and one of the key signs the kiss meant something to him.

This indicates that he feels connected to you and is willing to invest in getting to know you beyond just some fun kiss that he can brag about to his friends.

When a man likes a kiss (and likes you) he’s going to pay attention to everything you say and do, and move closer to you.

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When he wasn’t that into the kiss or into you, he’ll shift awkwardly or try to make an excuse to cut it off early.

Sign #5 – He Talks About the Kiss Afterwards

If a guy is genuinely enamored with you, he may bring up the topic of your first kiss (or two, or three) in a text conversation or in person.

A guy who has no interest in anything serious with you (and treated the kiss as a passing novel experience) will avoid talking about the kiss altogether, because he doesn’t want to make you think that he is interested in committing to you.

On the topic of commitment, it’s crucial that you get really clear on whether this guy wants to know you and is serious about actually committing to something more with you. 

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Sign #6 – He Tries to Appeal to You and Please You

When you’re together and he’s enjoying your kisses, you’ll notice that he’s always trying to please you, outside of the actual kiss itself.

Even if he’s a fairly non-expressive guy, he’s going to show a lot of these indicators of authentic interest in you.

So what are the indicators that he really wants to please you?

  • He puts the songs on that you like when you’re together
  • Invites you to the places you like; and 
  • Tries to impress and surprise you

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If all this is going on then you can be sure the kiss has exceeded his expectations and he wants to earn a lot more of them.

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Sign #7 – His Body Language Tells You So

It’s important to pay close attention to his body language as a whole when he’s with you and when you kiss.

Does he move closer, cup your cheek and bring you toward him?

Or does he angle his body away from you and pull away?

Does he try to extend the kiss and press his lips harder or does he go lightly and try to keep it short?

When you are together, pay attention to how he moves his body when he is near you.

Does he fidget a lot and not seem present with you?

Or instead, does he point his feet toward you, make strong eye contact and try to touch you?

Does he draw attention to himself in a way that shows that he is powerful, big and takes up a lot of space?

This is a clear sign that he hopes to capture your interest and seduce you.

Does he lean toward you when you speak, as if he were hanging on to your every word? 

Does he mirror you, that is, if you, for example, cross your legs, does he also cross his?

These are all strong signs the kiss meant something to him.

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Sign #8 – He’s Always Getting in Touch With You

Does he always find any pretext he can to contact you?

Do you notice that the more you kiss, the more he seems to get hooked to you and only you?

That’s a good sign.

It’s one of the top signs the kiss meant something to him.

Better yet, if he shows interest in knowing how you are and how your days are going it means he’s likely interested in something beyond purely casual.

A kiss can mean a lot or nothing at all.

It may change your world forever or just be a forgettable peck on a drunken night out.

It’s the same basic outer action, but if you are that one special stand out woman, then the meaning of the kiss goes a lot deeper.

It also helps if you are the kind of woman who naturally inspires men to be emotionally attracted to you and emotionally connected to you.

As the popular women’s dating expert D.Shen says, if you can inspire them to feel these two things, then you’ll easily be THAT ‘one and only’, special woman for almost any man you wish. 

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Sign #9 – He’s All Over Your Social Media

I always like to observe the life of the people I’m genuinely into.

And men act the same way.

After that first kiss has lit his world on fire, he’s going to be craving more of that warmth with you.

If he’s chasing you on social networks, watching your Instagram stories and commenting on your posts, then you can be sure it’s one of the biggest signs the kiss meant something to him.

If you notice that he’s always present in your online life, it’s his way of trying to make sure you know that he’s into you and that his time with you is more than just a fling.

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Sign #10 – He Sets Up Thoughtful and Romantic Dates

If you just kissed a guy and found it great, look at his next move once he says goodbye.

If he already makes it clear that he wants to see you again at such a day and time, you can be rock solid sure that this is one of the clearest signs the kiss meant something to him.

And if you felt any kind of connection, I hope you accepted the invitation.

After all, kissing is good for your health – this is already more than proven in scientific research!

Sign #11 – He Always Wants to Know Your Opinion About His Life

Men tend, by nature, to be more closed about their lives. 

Being masculine at their core, most men have their own direction on what they do and asking for help or opinions from others is an action reserved for those he cares about.

If he has shown interest in knowing your opinion about certain things in his life, be it work, family or even health problems, this is a sexy red lipstick alert.

This is a crystal clear sign that he cares about what you think and appreciates your presence more and more.

Keep those kisses coming.

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Sign #12 – He Introduces You to His Friends And Family

Another sign that a man is really interested in you and loving your kisses is when he introduces you to the important people in his life.

Not only does he invite you to meet his friends and family, but he also shows a different side of himself (the side that only his family and friends sees), hoping you will start judging the possibility of a future together.

In addition, he wants to see how you interact with them in order to determine if there is potential for you to become part of his family.

I must be clear about something here though:

This is rare, but it’s also true that some guys will introduce you to their family and friends even when they have no intention of being serious about you.


Because they may not have been with someone for a long time and want to prove themselves worthy of a catch in front of their friends.

Or because they want to show off the fact that a woman likes him.

Yes, some men are like this.

So how would you know the difference?

You would have to see how much he genuinely cares about you as a person, and judge this sign in light of all the other signs.

In other words, if he introduces you to his family in addition to showing plenty of the other signs the kiss meant something to him, then it’s a good thing!

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Sign #13 – He Includes You in His Future Plans

The more that he includes you in his life and in his future plans, the more you can be sure that he’s enjoying those kisses on more than just a physical level – he’s genuinely connected to you and into you!

If he’s showing you that he cares about your feelings, thoughts and opinions on what he does with his future, it should become very clear that your kiss is explosive for him and that he feels a big connection.

Also, one of the most relevant signs the kiss meant something to him is when he starts making plans for the future that include you.

He starts planning a trip, a tour, Christmas at the end of the year, and so on, with a place for you in it…

He’s including you in his life.

It’s clear that you really mean a lot to him.

Stock up on various lipsticks and get ready to spend years kissing this man.


We women are often speculating and imagining thousands of possibilities about the “right” guy and when he’ll come along.

This is very natural! We want to meet someone who rocks our world and feel fireworks when we kiss.

If you’ve come to the conclusion that the kiss meant something to him (and you too), maybe it’s time to look for ways to tell him you like him.

But here’s the catch: you want to tell him in a high value way, don’t just impulsively tell him, just in case it’s a bit too forward and too soon for him to hear it.

(You want to put yourself in good stead to be with him in the future if you do really like him!)

Here is how to tell him you like him in 3 low risk and high value ways.

So, have a little courage and kill that doubt!

May all your kisses be amazing and all your days together be full of connection and love.  

Now over to you. Any questions? Ask us below in the comments!

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