15 Powerful Signs Of Male Attraction: Is His Blood Boiling For You?

When a guy is physically into you, it’s usually obvious. 

But there are still signs that some women miss. 

Here’s how to spot all the top indicators that you’re lighting a guy’s world on fire. 

#1. His eyes are glued to you

The most powerful signs of male attraction all start in the eyes. 

When we see something we like, we look at it. 

Whether that object of desire is a piece of cake, a person or a car. 

Sorry for just comparing you to a vehicle!

The point here is that when a guy is truly getting the hots for you he’s going to look at you like crazy. 

If he’s shy or insecure he may dart his eyes away whenever you catch him looking. 

But make no mistake, if he’s eyeing you up intensely, it’s because he’s boiling hot for you. 

The more a guy looks at you, the more turned on he is by you. He wants to get more of you and see you as much as possible. 

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#2. He licks his lips like crazy

The next thing to look for in terms of powerful signs of male attraction is lip licking. 

If he’s licking his lips a lot, biting them and also looking at your lips a lot, it’s a sign that he’s very turned on. 

There’s a reason that he does this. 

It’s because he wants to kiss you and he’s also trying to restrain his desire when he bites them.

The lips are a sensitive and sensuous body part, and he’s just imagining planting his all over yours. 

Licking the lips is a strong and direct expression of desire. Biting them is then an attempt to restrain that desire and hold it back. 

Make no mistake: he’s horny as hell for you and the signs are all over his lips. 

Just keep looking and you’ll see. 

#3. He’s checking out your body from top to bottom

When a man is incredibly turned on, he tends to lose his ability to be subtle.

If he’s looking you up and down and checking out your cleavage and posterior, then he’s definitely interested. 

When dogs are turned on they sniff each other’s butts. But men can’t do that in most social situations. 

So they use their eyes instead, roving over you like they’re mapping an unexplored planet.

Now, maybe he’s just a really sexual guy who does this to every woman.

If so, he’s also pretty courageous, since many women don’t really enjoy being eyed up like a piece of meat.

Still, when a man is really turned on he tends to set social convention aside. 

So maybe he’s just the type who’s checking out every hot woman he sees…

But if you notice that he’s eyeing you up and down and he’s not doing it to other women then it’s likely that he’s got a special flame burning just for you. 

One thing though:

You have to be careful not to get too excited by a guy who is eyeing you up like this. 


Because sexual attraction and surface attention is cheap.

It’s worth a lot more if you can appeal to a guy’s emotions and make him fall in love with you.

A man falling in love with you is the ultimate form of value for you as a woman.

But attention and sexual desire? That’s everywhere.

So make sure you’re also appealing to a man’s emotional hot buttons, because when he falls in love, he’ll not only commit emotionally to you, he’ll do anything for you!

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#4. He gets short of breath around you

When a man gets turned on, his adrenal glands begin firing and his blood pressure picks up. 

One of the most powerful signs of male attraction is that he gets short of breath around you. 

That’s due to anxiety as he becomes nervous about interacting with you. 

He begins to lose his breath as the adrenaline and dopamine starts firing off all over and he loses track of what he’s doing. 

He’s got his fingers crossed, hoping you’ll like him and pay attention to him. 

MORE: 18 Unmistakeable Signs He Wants You To Notice Him.

He wants you, and he wants to know if you want him, too.

The stakes are raised when we’re attracted to someone, for various reasons including our psychological insecurities and vulnerabilities. 

On an evolutionary level it’s because approaching a potential mate signifies potential reproduction and continuance of the species. 

Thus our whole endocrine and adrenal system kicks up to top level when interacting with a potential mate, raising the stakes and creating symptoms like shortness of breath and nervousness. 

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#5. His voice gets hoarse

The increase in blood flow and adrenaline also causes dryness in the mouth. 

The result is often a hoarse voice or his voice “breaking” around you. 

This is sometimes joked about in movies about teenagers who are trying to pick up a girl only to have their voice crack. 

But it points at the underlying scientific truth that a hoarse voice or your voice breaking can often happen if you are very turned on. 

Your mouth is dry and you are excited and a bit breathless:

The result quite often is stumbling over words with a hoarse and broken voice. 

Watch for this and you’ll start to notice just how obvious it is.

I’ll get more into the stumbling over words sign a bit later down here in this article. 

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#6. He crosses his legs a lot

Next up, keep an eye on his legs. Does he cross them a lot or walk like he’s a scarecrow just headed in from a long day in the field?

He’s likely got a boner, in that case, not to put too fine a point on it. 

When men have an erection it can be very socially awkward, especially if they are in a public place or a formal occasion…

…For example a board meeting or out on a chill date with you and sitting next to you on a couch at the cafe. 

If he’s crossing his legs constantly and “adjusting” the ruffles of his khakis like crazy, it’s probably an erectile situation.

They get up like their lower back has some kind of intense problem and walk all stooped over to go to the bathroom, chuckling awkwardly about being right back. 

Sure thing, pal. 

That sounds a lot to me like his body’s going crazy for you and it’s embarrassing him.

On a related note, he may do another move where he places a magazine or papers over his lap in order to hide the evidence. 

If he’s wearing a blazer or jacket, watch for him pulling it constantly to cover his crotch area. 

Fire hazard…

#7. His pupils dilate

I mentioned at the beginning how we look at what we like. 

At the same time as that happens, our pupils often dilate. 

This is one of the most important and powerful signs of male attraction: when you look closely you see that his eye’s pupils are quite big. 

Why does this happen?

As Adrienne Santos-Longhurst explains:

“For starters, oxytocin and dopamine — the ‘love hormones’ — have an effect on pupil size. 

Your brain gets a boost of these chemicals when you’re sexually or romantically attracted to someone.”

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#8. His voice gets lower

In addition to getting short of breath and hoarse in terms of his voice, you may also notice that his tone of voice gets lower. 

This is one of the most powerful signs of male attraction because it can’t really be hidden. 

Scientists have studied this phenomenon for quite some time and determined that vocal range plays a big role in attraction. 

They have also found that males lower their voice when they are attracted as a subconscious reaction to their sexual interest. 

As Denise Dador writes for ABC7:

“Men instinctively change their pitch. Men first speak in a sing-song type of voice and then adjust it to a lower tone when they are talking to someone they find attractive.”

This lowering of their voice is instinctively intended to portray a more masculine and sexually attractive man. 

Are you feeling it?

#9. He talks about sexual topics

Another of the additional powerful signs of male attraction is that he talks about sexual topics around you quite a bit. 

This is essentially priming:

He’s priming you to orient your mind and emotions to intimate topics with the purpose of hopefully being the recipient of some of your sweet love. 

He’ll generally do this by testing the waters with a fairly vanilla comment or question at first and then see your reaction. 

If you seem open to this vibe or not overly shocked he’ll continue to push the envelope and see what he can get away with.

The more you respond, the more he’ll show all the other signs of horniness I talk about in this article. 

#10. He tells sexual jokes 

On a related note about the powerful signs of male attraction are sexual jokes. 

Now, sexual jokes aren’t always an indicator that a guy is very turned on, so this depends. 

The way to tell is not only in the suggestive and sexual jokes he tells, but also in his behavior surrounding the jokes. 

If you notice that he’s watching your reaction intently or seems to have an agenda in telling dirty jokes then you’re likely right on the mark. 

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#11. He asks about your romantic or sex life

In addition, a guy who is very turned on by you is going to try his best to figure out what you’re up to in your personal life. 

Jokes and sexual comments can often be his entree into this subject and unless he knows you well, he may not ask seriously or directly. 

But if you met on a dating app or somewhere else that allows for such topics he may just dive right in and ask you when you were last with a guy or something along those lines. 

Some guys may cross the line a bit with these types of question, and you don’t want to let them do that.

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how do you respond when a man asks you when was the last time you had sex

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On another note, if a guy is more patient, he may start by asking about your love life in general and then take it down sexual lane. 

He’s not fooling anyone…

#12. He tries to get physically closer to you

If you’re in the same room with this guy, you’ll often notice that he shifts where he’s at in order to be physically close to you. 

In a group of people he’s always ending up close to you somehow, almost like a magnet. 

He leans just a little bit closer than he has to in order to hear what you say…

At the gym he’s on the treadmill next to yours just by chance…

In the store he wants to talk about the price of tomato sauce with you while fondly fondling the bottles of sauce and looking at you intently. 

It’s not too hard to see: 

He’s definitely into you and just about ready to pop his top.

For more signs he’s sexually into you, here’s an article on 17 Glaring Signs He Wants You Badly Sexually.

#13. He acts nervous and stumbles over his words

When a man is very turned on, he tends to have various changes in his behavior. 

These include getting nervous and stumbling over his words. 

That’s because his attention is elsewhere, namely on your sweet little self. 

He’s not thinking about what he’s saying and he may stammer, stumble, say the wrong word or also “space out” and not hear what you or somebody else is saying.

“Oh, sorry could you repeat that?”

#14. His palms are sweaty and clammy

Another of the top powerful signs of male attraction is that his hands get sweaty and clammy. 

He may also start sweating on his face and body and wipe that away. 

When a man gets very turned on his system goes into overdrive. 

It’s like he’s preparing himself for an epic daredevil stunt even though he’s just looking at you. 

But his body is sweating like crazy and preparing for serious action. 

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#15. He touches you as much as possible

Another of the powerful signs of male attraction is that he touches you as much as possible. 

A light brush on the shoulder here, a pat there, a lingering touch when you say goodbye…

Going in for a hug that lasts just a little bit longer than usual with a few more rubs of his hand on your back as he does so…

These are all classic signs that he’s craving you like crazy. 

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What about a guy who’s a pro at hiding his attraction?

The above powerful signs of male attraction will help you notice when a guy is really turned on by you. Additionally, here are 4 Things Guys Notice About Your Body & 4 Things They Don’t.

Some men are better at hiding their attraction than others, but the thing about this list is that I have focused on physical signs.

Even the smoothest man won’t be able to hide that he’s getting an erection, sweaty…


Or losing his breath and getting a dry mouth.

These symptoms happen to even the suavest pickup artists out there, so if you’re seeing even 5 of the indicators above, then you can be sure he’s feeling the heat. 

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