19 Spiritual Signs Your Twin Flame Is Missing You

It’s the most intense love you will ever experience. It’s a divine combination of butterflies in the stomach and a whirling vortex of emotions all at once. 

Your twin flame is your soul mirror, your perfect match, your fated partner.               

Their absence leaves a gaping hole, an ache so deep you can feel it in every cell of your body. But why does it hurt so badly? 

That’s because you are supposed to be together – all the time. There is no separation – just one soul split into two. A cosmic glitch has occurred and now you must find each other again. 

Let these 19 spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you help you find your way back to them once again…

1. You’re Constantly Thinking About Them.

They are on your mind all the time. 

You have no control over it. 

You can’t help it!

You are desperately trying to block them out but it’s like trying to block out oxygen. You need them more than air. 

Your thoughts consume you to the point where you feel like you are going insane. If this resonates with you, know that it’s one of the huge spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you and is also thinking about you.

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2. Your Dreams Are Filled With Your Twin Flame.

Dreams can be weird but they’re a good indicator of what is going on inside you. 

They’re also a good portal through which you can receive your twin flame’s messages and perceive their feelings, therefore you’ll like repeatedly see them in your dreams if they’re missing you badly!

If you are dreaming about the same person all the time, your subconscious is likely trying to alert you to the fact that your twin flame is missing you tremendously!

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3. You Notice Synchronicities.

When your twin flame is missing you, they will send you signs to let you know they are there. 

They are trying to get your attention and are trying to let you know that the universe is helping them get closer to you. 

So what’s an example of a synchronicity? 

Well, one perfect example would be something that happened between myself and my twin flame years ago.

He was away on a business trip and I was in the supermarket buying some supplies. I was looking through some noodle packets and suddenly cut my finger on the hard rubber label.

Less than a minute later, my twin flame called me, and happened to mention that he had just cut his finger at work. 

Want to know the crazy part?

We didn’t just both cut our fingers at the same time, the cuts were on the exact same finger, our left ring finger!


If you see, hear, or feel an uncommon occurrence that feels like it’s a synchronicity, it is a sign from your twin flame that they are trying to get your attention.  

My advice? Acknowledge the synchronicity and consider what it means.

4. The Shivers, Goosebumps, And Chills!

You are feeling a sudden and unexplained chill in the air and your skin is prickling and covered in goosebumps. Not just once, but a few times!

If this keeps happening many times in a row while you’re sat on the beach in the middle of summer, it’s not just you! It’s your twin flame missing you dearly. 

Forget the old wives tale that someone has just walked over your grave! 

What you’re experiencing is yet another spiritual sign that your twin flame is missing you at that very moment.

They might even be close to declaring their undying love for you and promise to never leave your side again! 

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5. You Suddenly Feel Extremely Connected To Your Feminine Energy

Are you feel very feminine, sensual and soft when you don’t normally feel that way?

If you’re normally a little stressed, overworked and too busy to feel close to your feminine core, but you’re suddenly feeling your feminine energy run through your body from head to toe, that’s poignant, don’t ignore it!

It could be because your twin flame is sending his masculine energy through the universe to protect you, look after you and make you feel more grounded and closer to yourself.

You will always have a lot in common with your twin flame, but you’ll also feel a tonne of differences between you. This is because you’ll naturally inhabit more of the feminine while he inhabits more of the masculine (or vice versa if you’re a masculine man reading this).

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6. Depression and Anxiety Become Constant Companions.

You are feeling a sudden and unexplained sadness overwhelm you. 

You can’t help it. 

It just happens and you have no control over it. 

In the spiritual realm, your emotions are merely energy in motion and with that said, unexplained and unrelenting depression and anxiety are among the spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you. they’re trying desperately to grab your attention!

Remember: what your twin flame feels becomes what you feel, so is it any wonder that when your twin flame is missing you, you’re also weighed down by their emotions too?

7. You Can’t Concentrate.

Talk about brain fog! You’re experiencing brain fog so intense that you feel like you’re always walking around in a stupor. 

The good news!

With all the chemicals and thoughts muddling your mind, it’s a spiritual sign that your twin flame is missing you, and their presence is greatly needed.

8. You Are More Emotional.

More like an emotional wreck!

No matter how hard you try, you can’t control your emotions. They are just spilling over and taking control of you.

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If you’re experiencing this unusual emotionality, know that you’re not having a mental breakdown, nor are you losing your mind! 

Why? Because the twin flame connection is a sacred thing. And with that said, it’s one of the spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you and trying to get your attention in any way they can.

9. You Are Sensitive To Other People’s Moods.

It is like you have an emotional radar, and it is going off constantly. 

You are feeling like you need to get away from everyone around you because you are feeling suffocated by their vibes and want to stop the bi-polarcoaster!

Why? Because you’re already super sensitised to all emotions – especially your twin flame’s emotions – and this heightened sensitivity makes other people’s emotions seep into your world too. 

Also because you’re already so emotional that you may find your body and soul resonating with other people’s emotions more easily. 

If this is what you’re experiencing, it’s a spiritual sign that your twin flame is missing you and needing to be with you.

10. You are Magnetized to Locations That Have Meaning For You Both.

You are driving and you suddenly pull into a place that holds special meaning for both of you. 

You may have enjoyed being there, or made some incredible memories there.

Whatever it is, know that you’re compelled to go there, because it’s a sign your twin flame is missing you and is trying to get your attention.

11. You Both Show Up At The Same Place At The Same Time

This is when I knew my twin flame and I were meant to be together. We unexpectedly showed up at the same place at the same time: an old shared house of ours!

That neither of us were still living in, mind you!

I don’t think this sign needs explaining. If you’re both pulled to exactly the same place at exactly the same time, that’s not by chance. 

That’s due to the energy of your twin flame missing you (and obviously those feelings are mutual).

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12. You Experience Déjà Vu.

When your twin flame is missing you, you will experience frequent déjà vu moments. 

You will feel like you have been somewhere or done something before even though you know you haven’t. This is because your twin flame has already experienced this moment. 

They have already been there or done that. They are sending you flashes of their memories. 

13. You Have Intense Dreams.

When your twin flame is missing you, you will start having intense dreams. 

They will be full of symbolism that will be impossible to decipher. 

They will be full of metaphor and foreshadowing making you wake up thinking wtf! But don’t stress and no, it wasn’t the horror movie you watched the night before. 

It’s just one of the spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you and thart their presence is needed in your life.

14. Your Gut Tells You They Are Missing You.

When something doesn’t seem right and you feel a sudden sense of unease, no matter how hard you try to ignore it, your gut can’t help but tell you that something is not quite right. 

And when your gut tells you that something is not quite right, trust it. Your twin flame is missing you and they’re longing for your presence.

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15. They Reach Out To You (often)

When your twin flame is missing you, you will begin to experience out-of-the-blue communication from them. 

Yep, I said out-of-the-blue.

You might get a call or text from them or maybe you’ll find an email in your inbox. 

It might even be a random conversation on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, etc. You name it! They will reach out to you. 

You might shrug it off as a mere coincidence but know that it is one of the very significant spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you!

16. You Experience Random Sensations Within Your Body.

No, it’s not your imagination and it’s not your body falling apart. The random sensations I’m talking about are the pulling and yearning feelings in your body.

You may experience discomfort in a very specific spot, or an intense sensation of longing in your heart or solar plexus. 

This is one of the strongest spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you. 

So what other random sensations could you experience in your body? 

Your belly may churn or you may even feel nauseous. You may even experience a hot flash or an intense feeling of heat in your body. 

If you’re not ill, nor are you going through menopause, don’t rush to make a doctor’s appointment. It’s yet another sign of twin flames longing to be together.

17. You Feel Their Energy Surrounding You.

This is one of the telltale spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you.

You may suddenly feel the presence of your twin flame around you. You might be sitting under the stars and suddenly feel them surrounding you, or you might even need to be in a very specific place (usually to feel closer to them). 

Your feelings are sending off signals to your twin flame that they are needed.

18. You Hear And See Their Name In Strange places.

Whether it’s in a song lyric or an overheard conversation, you will hear or see their name in the strangest of places!

It’s definitely not by coincidence, it’s the universe talking to you, so pay attention!

19. You Can Literally Feel Their Presence.

You can sense your twin flame’s presence. How? Well, it might be a smell, a sound, a feeling in your heart, a pulling sensation in your stomach – anything! 

Just because you can’t see it doesn’t mean it’s not there. Just because you can’t feel it physically doesn’t mean it’s not there. 

The universe is constantly sending us invisible messages, either from our twin flame or from a higher intelligence, and you’re not crazy if you are receptive enough to observe them!

There are many ways that your twin flame can communicate with you and know that these sensations you’re experiencing are all spiritual signs your twin flame is missing you.


There are many signs your twin flame is missing you (probably just as much as you miss them). It is important to pay attention to the signs you are receiving. 

This will help you understand the next step to take in getting your twin flame back into your life. 

If you are missing your twin flame, be patient and try to relax any feelings of desperation, anxiety or bad feelings and instead just feel how good it feels to be spiritually connected to your twin. 

I know how much you want to be with them, but acting out of desperation can ruin the good energy between you both – not to mention it may also risk you looking low value.

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